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Lakweesha Havoc's Fried Chicken and Insanity


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A Short Greeting from the WEBMASTER, and your HOST

DaCabin Report 2024

The latest FunVentures at DaCabin.

The Cabin Report 2023

A compendium of tedious, repetitious cabin tales

I can't keep up with these idiots. It takes too much of my time to make a webpage for every one.
So here is a webpage dedicated to no one individual.
But every one of them is willing to wrap their lips around Donald Trump's cock.

The Cabin Report 2022


The Cabin Report 2021

More wonderful cabin stories and photos!

I have had a change of heart - you anti-vaxing Trumpies are OK by me!

Why I like Anti-vaxing Trumpies

You Trumpies should not click on this link

Don't believe what FuxNews tells you...FREEDOM of SPEECH is ALIVE and WELL in The United States of America.

Clean, clear, cool Caaaaabin Water!

See how local government likes to screw over citizens

What is this guy up to?

Is he...
A. Looking for a hockey game
B. Using a clever disguise to sneak out to the pub unbeknownst to the wife
C. Hunting crickets
D. Engaged in the annual Lakweesha vs. Millers water balloon battle
click here to find the answer...

What is this guy up to?

Is he...
A. Takin' a leak
B. Suckin' bees
C. Steppin' in dog doo
D. Realizing his grandmother just got the last baby back rib
click here to find the answer...

Buy my neighbor's house and I'll throw a party!

EVEN MORE Fun at the cabin!

YAAAY!! It's time for an update on the INSANE NEIGHBOR!

It's the Asshole of the Day!

Congratulations, coach Schwarts, you just won the Super Bo...
WHAT? This was just game five of the regular season?
And your team beat the perennial sad sack team of the NFL, the Detroit Lions?
And you ASKED your players to carry you off the field on their shoulders like you just fucking CONQUERED ROME?
Wait, that last one isn't exactly true. You're not JUST A DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR.
You're also... AN ASSHOLE.

UH-OH. Another one of my neighbors has lost her mind

Pinewood Derby fun

Lakweesha's Movie Reviews

Our England Vacation, 2013

Ice Fishin' on the Ol' Skatin' Pond...

Songs I NEVER need to hear again

The coolest little boat ever!

Michigan DNR announces there ARE cougars in Michigan's lower peninsula...

Wow, this may be the greatest video ever on YouTube...

CraigsList is a great place to sell your old tires

Correspondence with my Nigerian friends

Strange Tales from The Blotter

Some are not as graceful when breaking a chair

Get out that credit card and buy your valuable Lakweesha Havoc MERCHANDISE!

Why can't my kids be NORMAL?!?

Fun With Hair Dye

The Craig's List FREE STUFF Find of the Week!
Lob´cock` n. 1. A dull, sluggish person; a lubber; a lob.


HOW LONG will my magic kit stay?

Fearless, Fighting, Foul-Mouthed WONDER WART HOG!!

Mighty Chevies

YaaaaaaHoooooo! I give skiing out west a BIG THUMBS UP!!

Meet my neighbors

EEEeeew!! Don't click here!


Buy my asshole neighbor's house AND I'LL THROW A PARTY!

Be Gentle, It's my First Time: A Guide for New Brides

Kids. With HATS. SILLY hats.

Fun at the cabin

Breaking News

A reading contest for the kiddies

Fortune cookies never lie

DO NOT click here. Yuk.

OH BOY! The FreeBox Find-of-the-Week!
You never know what treasure you'll find in the FreeBox, Telluride's original low-tech CraigsList


OH BOY! Good times at the Raya Halloween Party!

Nothing like being felt up by your host 20 seconds after walking in the door.


Uncle Errin's BIG USA Adventure!!

Fun on Craig's List!!


Some idiots will post anything


How to build a shed




Check out my Flooring project!!


Where has YOUR bag been lately?

I found YOUR camera in the AuSable!

House of Stephen

Vacations in the UK


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