Snowman Mauled by Terrible Toddler Trio!

At approximately 12 noon today a snowman was brutally attacked by a vicious pack of out of control toddlers!
The snowman was first discovered earlier today in the backyard of of the terrible tots. Initially the boys were just curious about the snowman, they approached him cautiously, but kept their distance!

However, it wasn't long before one of them moved closer and with a swift swing of his hand took out both of the victim's eyes! The nose soon shared the same fate. At this point the oldest perpetrator began to hit and kick the head and torso of the helpless victim! Encouraged by his brothers' ferocity, the youngest delinquent joined into the senseless rampage. Soon the head was knocked on the ground where it was brutally stomped by the giggling, merciless trio.

A witness reported that she had never seen such violence in boys so young, and that the parents should be held accountable for their sons' actions.

The police are withholding the name of the victim until family members can be located.

What a horrible, senseless crime