The 2014 Pinewood Derby

This was probably our last year racing as Boy #3 will cross over to the Boy Scouts

Three of our cars raced in the non-scout division, my E-Racer, Boy 1's resurrected Batmobile, and Boy 2's Left Foot.
Boy 3 raced his car in the scout division.

The competition in Boy 3's race division.

Boy 3's car battles for the lead in the first heat... the builder and his brothers watch the races

Meanwhile a customer waits patiently as a snack bar employee checks her phone messages

Boy #3 didn't win a trophy this year, but everyone had fun. Except maybe that cat on the far left. Jis sayin

The field for the non-scout class races

E-Racer and Left foot go toe-to-toe in one of the heats

Later Left Foot and Batmobile find themselves racing against each other

E-Racer took first place in the non-scout division. Left Foot came in second place, or as Boy 2 likes to call it - 'FIRST place'
They say there may be a division for the Boy Scouts next year. MAYBE we'll be back...

The 2013 Derby

Boy #1 working on his car in grandpa's garage

The Arwing and Flaming Zamboni receive paint jobs
Wheel shaving is legal in the non-scout division
The completed Arwing, and my car, the Minimal Effort
The field for the Webelos division
Flaming Zamboni gets ready to race

A spectator looks on...
...while the well-staffed snack bar does a brisk business
The Minimal Effort is ready to race
And they're off!
Arwing at the starting gate
The Arwing battles for the lead in a tight race
Boy #3 and his fellow racers
Our cars were competivive, taking first place in some heats and second place in many heats, but in the end no trophys came home with us. Next year will be our last year of racing... until grandkids?

The Pinewood Derby 2012

Boy #2 took second place in his division...

The Pinewood Derby 2010

Starting at the bottom, going clockwise, the cars are mine, the devoted and loving wife's (who has informed me she NEVER wants her picture to appear on this website), boy 1, boy 2, and boy 3

Boy 1's car raced first. This is the field for the Webelo division. 
Boy 1's car gets ready to race....

Boy 1's car starts another heat...

Third place in his division! Not bad!

Earlier Derbies....

Boy #1 wins a heat... Win or lose, it's all good as long as you get a cupcake in the end