I just LOOoooOOoove Craig's List.
But the CraigsListers don't love me.
I don't know why...

Here is a posting I put on CRAIGSLIST. A casting producer for Hard Core Pawn saw the ad and invited me to appear on the show with my "hoverboard". I did.

One totally bada$$ hoverboard.
Be the first on your block to whiz down the street just like Marty McFly in Back To The Future!
Well, maybe not exactly like McFly, this is more of a prototype. But it works great! You can go zippin' along as far as your extension cord will reach!
I'm only selling it to finance my next invention, a device that can be placed in a window to circulate air in or out of a house for the purpose of keeping cool on hot summer days.

THE CRAIGSLIST POST: This is an ugly couch, very comfortable, but ugly. Dog chewed on the corner of it. It would be nice for a garage or barn or a nice bonfire.

MY RESPONSE: I don't want that ugly couch, but I might have some interest in the dog that chewed it up.
Do you want to get rid of him, or how much would you want for him?
My wife bought some ugly furniture and I can't convince her to get rid of it. If I had that couch-chewin' dog, I think her ugly sofa would be gone in no time, LOL!!

Actually, I suppose I wouldn't even need to keep the dog, maybe just rent him for a few days. How much do you think you would charge for something like that?

Oh, wait, that might not work, she might catch on. Maybe you could come over to my house one day, pretend to be like my old high school pal or something. Bring the dog with you and let 'im loose on that paisley couch. How much do you think you would charge to rent the dog and yourself?

Willing to try anything to get that furniture gone,
-Lakweesha Havoc

OH BOY!! FREE Crest White Strips....

THE CRAIGSLIST POST: I just got a few kits of the Crest White Strips but dont want them because they cause gum irritation for me.
I just received the packs 6 weeks ago from a friend. The packages are brand new and are sitting in their original packaging.
If you want it I can ship the packs to your address, as long as you cover two dollars for SH. Email me asap. You may even come grab them if you're close by.

MY RESPONSE: I think I might want to get my hands on those White Strips. How many do you have?

Do you think they are OK to use on dogs? I have a dog and I noticed his teeth are getting pretty yellow.
I have been thinking about trying White Strips, but they are expensive and I wouldn't want to spend a lot of money to find out they don't work on dog teeth.

Do you maybe have a dog you could try one of them out on? I suppose there is no sense sending them to me if they won't do dogs any good.

#1 Dog Lover,
-Lakweesha Havoc