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Strange Tales from The Blotter

Sounds like a job for Tackleberry

Isn't that the point of fishing?

But I hear he makes a dynamite sandwich!

So, Mr. smartie-pants former Navy seal, how do you like living next to a couple "dirtbags"?

Dear S,

Gimme your wallet, bitch!

hit in+head+with+rock+gif
hit in+head+with+rock+gif pics on Sodahead

Apparently it takes the COSMIC INTUITION of a "pet psychic" to come up with search advice like "try looking downwind"....

Ya just can't beat a Home Depot Dog!

Aaaaww... isn't that sweet?
Guess what grandma, here are the real reasons for all those visits to Home Depot...

Everyone loves sheep. This guy, maybe too much.

I would like to apologize for the above photo.
I'm not sure it really has anything to do with a frozen cow.
Clearly, that is a human, not a cow.
This photo for some reason turned up on a Google search for FROZEN COW.
Frankly, I kind of like the photo, and I didn't feel like looking for something more relevant.
So I guess I'm not apologizing for the photo per se, just for being lazy. Enjoy!!

The dude has a TAIL?!?

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