I found your camera in the river!

I was paddling down the AuSable river with my son and I found someone's waterproof camera floating along the shoreline.
Being the good semeritan that I am, I had the film developed hoping to discover who the owner was, so I could get their priceless photos to them. OK, not really. I was hoping to find some boob shots on it. Let's take a look...

Here we see our intrepid explorers as they get ready to embark on their fun-filled journey down the river.
If you have ever gone canoeing on a hot summer day you probably know that canoes, sunshine, and beer go together like strippers, poles, and FDS.
Sometimes, fueled by sunshine and beer, and in the mistaken belief they are out in the wilderness where nobody will see them, folks can get a little carried away. This dangerous combination often leads to an unfortunate occurence known as "canoe inversion".

HEY! Watch that hand there, young missy!
Sheesh! The drinking hasn't even started yet. Or has it?

Aaaah, yes! What could be more relaxing than a float down the river with your best gal by your side?
Well, maybe if she would unleash THOSE BREASTS!!

Nice view.

Saaayyy... Is that a can of BEER there?
Could it be that alcohol consumption eventually led to CANOE INVERSION and the loss of the camera?

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AAlllrighty!! Now we're getting somewhere!!
Have another can of beer, you classy broad, you.


Damnation! And just when we were starting to get somewhere, too. I'm guessing she was about two beers away from flashing that beaver, or at least lettin' those pups out loose in the yard.

Well, let this be a lesson to all you folks out there. Booze and canoes don't always make a good mix. And just remember, even though you may THINK you are out in the wild where nobody will see what you are up to, anytime you pose in front of a camera you may be about 15 seconds from having some idiot post your photo on his website.