You and your little boat are stupid. Get a life.

The MOST FUN you can have on water!

Arnie Gray and George Wooldridge's Famous 10-foot, two-seater GW INVADER!!!*

GOOD NEWS!! I have contact information for a fellow who has some GW Invader molds. If you have interest in getting your hands on a brand spanking new boat feel free to contact me. Send an email to


Scott from Tennesse sent me photos of his recently acquired Bumble Bee HoneyBee. He says it is a 1991 model.
In his email he told me some history on these boats....
Bumblee Bee specialized in producing Bass Boats in Tullahoma Tennessee from 1972 to 2007 when Phoenix Bass Boats acquired the molds, equipment, and many of their longtime employees. The company moved out of the original Bumble Bee Factory and relocated to larger facilities in Winchester Tennessee....
The HoneyBee is obviously a copy of the GW Invader with some slight differences in the motor well.

Thanks for the photos Scott, it's a great looking boat! Those bass boat manufacturers lust love the metal flake.

Geoff S has a '66 Invader he restored. As of July 2018 he had it for sale on CraigsList. He says a friend gave him an old 40 hp Johnson for the project. He pointed out that all the pinstriping is PAINT, there's no vinyl on it. That's some damn nice work, Jeff! Bring it out to Lakeville some day, we'll have a barbecue and do some boatin'!

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That's myself and neighbor Vicki having some good ol' fashioned clean boating fun in my '89 Invader

My brother and I had a 1969 Invader when we were kids. The neighbor smashed it up while racing another mini-boat. He gave it to us and our dad helped us glass the thing back together. We used to run around the lake powered by a 10-horse motor. It took a bit of a run to get up on plane, but once we were up it was a blast!

Boy #3, "Kramer" loves riding in the GW, as long as we're going to the little store for some goodies!
Let's GO, Kramer!

I like to keep the cowl on upside-down. I call that "planning ahead". HEH HEH HEH!

Like most canines of discriminating taste in watercraft, Katrinka the Wondermutt enjoys riding in the Invader.

Of course, there is a risk with any small vessel - it doesn't take a lot of WATER to sink one!
I sank my '89 the first time when I was playing around in the waves behind a big ol' hog of a wakeboard boat. A wave came crashing over the gunwale and it was over in seconds. It was my own little version of Titanic.
A couple years later it developed a small leak in the transom and sank at dockside. (The same thing also happened to my '69 Invader)

Yes, there is an engine in this photo. It's totally submerged.

So now for your edification, a short primer on SUNKEN INVADER RECOVERY...

STEP 1 - Get a bunch of noodles and bumpers out of the shed.
Use them to get the vessel up to the surface...
(Please don't tell my mom all her stupid GARAGE SALE NOODLES actually came in handy! There'll be no end to her future purchases)

STEP 2 - Beach the vessel on a shallow spot...

STEP 3 - Commence clean-out and bailing operations...

STEP 4 - Shoot the engine full of LOTS OF WD40 in the carb and the cylinders.
Turn it over by hand a few times. Repeat. Repeat again.
Now crank 'er up!
She lives to run another day!

JEFF V's project...

Jeff sent some before/after photos of his GW.

Nice work, Jeff! Truly, it is now an aquatic chariot worthy of a young princess! Tell her to hold on tight to that tiara.

KRIS A's rare find...

Kris sent me the following email and a few photos of his new boat. Like mine it is an '89 model, but his looks to be in pristine shape. Nice find Kris, and thanks for the photos!

I know the guys in Newburyport that have a bunch at the marina. I bought my first one when I was 7. Still have it. However last summer I purchased a brand new GW. Sat in the water for three days with a roller handle 5hp on it. Then stored indoors. I propped my 50hp Mercury on the back. But will be going with a 65hp on a jack plate.

An Invader owner from Wisconsin sent these photos of his 1967 Invader he is working on. He calls the boat Willy Flippett

Vincent from the Boston area finished working on this boat and is already working on another.

DAN does some fine restoration work...

Dan from Ohio had the misfortune of stumbling upon this webpage, but despite the trauma was able to send a few photos of his restored '67 Invader. Thanks Dan!!
Dan installed a 12 gallon fuel tank in the boat. Twelve gallons of fuel for a 25 horse motor? He must run all weekend on a fill-up!

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The guys at the yacht club...

Mike W came across my website and sent me some pics of his GW. He belongs to a yacht club in Newburyport Massachusetts and says there are SIX Invaders in the club!
Thanks for the photos Mike!

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Bill sent this photo of his '67 Invader. Looks nice!! He says he's going to trade out the 50 horse for a Merc 85. Oh boy. I Hope he can keep it on the water!
Thanks Bill! Let me know how that 85 works out for you.

GREG's awesome 60's towing combo...

Fellow Invader owner Greg came across my website and sent these photos of his 1969 Invader with a 1962 Merc, towed behind his 1967 Corvette!!
This is the coolest Invader/tow vehicle combo I've seen!
Thanks for the photos, Greg

Here is Greg's email...
"I thought you might enjoy these pictures. I completely restored this invader including a new floor and transom. The combination gets a a lot of attention at both car and boat shows. The invader was a dark yellow that clashed with the corvette so when I painted it I painted it the same color as the car. "

Nick came across my webpage and sent me these photos of his boat. He tells me it's a "Bumble Bee", built in Tullahoma, TN. Anybody know about these boats?.
Looks good, dig the cozy seat! Thanks, Nick!

Tim W saw this webpage and sent me a couple photos of his Invader.
Nice one! Thanks, Tim!

This GW Invader was featured in Classic Boating magazine

This is a beautifully restored GW I saw on E-Bay a while back...

Another really nice Invader...

People always have a smile on their face when they're riding in their GW...

Well, at least one of the DOGS is smiling

Some MANIAC converted his Invader to JET POWER!!

Over the years some companies "splashed" the GW design. Currently the "Exhilerator 101B is being manufactured. The deck is slightly different, but the basic design is clearly a copy of the Invader. Maybe they got their hands on the original molds after the company went out of business.

It's a whole dock full of mini-boats!

The 10' Invader was rated for a maximum 55 HP motor. That would push the boat at something around 55 MPH. That's a pretty fun ride when your ass is basically in the water. I had heard tales of MANIACS that put much bigger motors on theirs. One day while farting around on craigs list I found a GW that had an 85 strapped to the back. I contacted the owner, he just wanted to sell the motor and put on a smaller one. He hadn't run it yet with the 85. He said it "damn near sinks the boat" and his wife refused to ride in it while it had the 85.

And now, for your viewing edification, a collection of photos of GW INVADERS!! WOO HOO!!

*A special thank you to Nicki P for helping me with this webpage!!

Do you have some tales about your GW Invader or photos you would like to share? E-mail me at
You and your little boat are stupid. Get a life.