Why I now appreciate anti-vaxing Trumpies

As a person who got the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as I could, I used to harbor anger and disdain toward the anti-vaxer crowd. I understand your arguments about freedom of choice with your own bodies and all that, I really do. But I did not appreciate your complete disregard for the health, safety and lives of your fellow Americans.

But I recently had a change of heart. I have learned to appreciate your stubborness and ignorance in regards to the vaccine. I DO still believe most of you are really just pussies afraid of needles who can't come right out and admit it but I digress...

I know you are all hoping your wet dream of an ex-president will make another run for the White House in 2024. I see your stupid flags on your homes, on your rusty pickup trucks, at the end of your driveways. And I wouldn't be surprised if he does make another run. He's certainly stupid enough

to think the American voters will welcome him back into Their House just four years after giving him the boot.

But you better think long and hard about that. He lost the 2020 election by a wide margin of votes, both popular and electoral. If he runs again he's going to need every vote he can get.

And that's why I now appreciate your anti-vax stance. You people are unvaccinated in far higher proportions than us non-Trumpies. You are getting sick from covid in far higher proportions and you are DYING from covid at a far higher rate. Every time one of you drops dead I just smile to myself and think "one less vote for Trump".

Now I know what some of you may think, actually believe - the 2020 election was fraudulent.

That is irrelevant. If it was a free and fair election HE LOST. If it was a fraudulent election HE LOST. Joe Biden is in the White House, not Donald Trump. Free and fair -or- fraudulent. IRRELEVANT.

If you truly believe someone pulled off election fraud on a scale of that magnitude without leaving a single shred of credible evidence... what makes you think they CAN'T DO IT AGAIN IN 2024?


The last thing I ever want to see is that ignorant Orange Ape back in my White House. He's going down in history as one of the worst US Presidents ever. Presidential historians have already put him down toward the very bottom of the list. To me personally he's worse than just a bad president. He's a despicable human being. I'll vote for a sock puppet before I'll vote for that piece of human filth.

So thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Antivaxer, for helping make MY dream a reality. Do me a big favor and go unmasked and unvaccinated to every goddamn MAGA, anti-mask and anti-vax rally you can get yourselves to. If he does run again that moron will need every vote he can get and you are helping ME, not HIM, by killing yourselves.

Now THAT'S fucking funny!!

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