I've seen enough.


A "slightly" disturbed person broke into the home of The United States Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, with the intent of "kneecapping" her. That is, he intended to break her kneecaps WITH A HAMMER.
So how did the spoiled child of twice impeached former president Donald Trump react?

He made light of the situation by posting on a social media site his "halloween costume"...

Go change your shirt. It has more cum stains than Monica Lewinski's clothing line!
Keep sucking that dick, Donnie Jr. Whatever it takes to get your monthly allowance.
Verdict: Incestuous cock sucker.

Kari Lake.
Former news co-anchor turned Trump cock sucker. Lost her bid to be Nevada's next governor.
In typical Trumpian fashion, she lost the election, but refuses to concede.
Keep sucking that cock, Kari, you fucking whore.
How's that old decrepit tongue of his feel in your ear?
BTW - You have old lady hands.

Verdict: Political cock sucking Slut.