The website of AWESOMENESS!(and smurfs)

ZOMBIESMURFIKINS Once, there was a boy named Stanley Nudelman. Stanley lived in the quiet little town of Boringville. True to its name, everything in Boringville was boring. In fact, the most exciting thing in Boringville was the main road called Main Street. How original. But Boringville was about to turn into ZOMBIEVILLE!!! But before I can tell you that story, I have to tell you this story. Stanley lived in a boring little house, in a boring little town, with boring neighbors, and an exciting family. His dad was a daredevil, his mom was a singer, and his best friend was a smurf. But his mom and dad aren’t in this story. One day, Stanley was walking back from school with his two best pals, Bob Smurf, and Mitch. Well, what did you expect? Exciting names? They’re in Boringville, everyone has boring names! So they were walking home from school when they saw a yard sail in Mrs. Witcherers front, well, yard. They decided to look around. Bob found a pair o’ pants {they were 100 sizes too big}, Mitch found a mirror with a ghost in it, and Stanley found a box with a stuffed toy smurf in it. It was a zombie smurf. On the box was written, ZOMBIESMURFIKINS and smurfs are no longer three apples high! This is what it looked like:

Zombiesmurfikins started to twitch, and it stood up. It limped toward a toy bear, which said, “Hugs are cuddleful wuddleful.” and, “A hug a day keeps the frownsies away.” Then an evil music played in the background, DUUN- DUN- DUUUN!! Then someone screamed! {Not in this story, but somewhere.} Next thing that the bear knew its stuffing was ripped out! Then Zombiesmurfikins approached But Stanley thought it looked cute, in a half dead macabre kind of way. “Hey guys, check out this cool toy.” said Stanley. “What is it?” asked Mitch. “I think it’s a zombie smurf.” said Stanley. “Get it away from me,” screamed Bob, “its zombifying!” “What does that even mean?” said Mitch. While Mitch and I, {I’m the narrator}, were wondering what that meant, Bob and Stanley continued to look. A lady was checking out a vase, a man was looking at a chest with a mummy inside, and Leonardo Decaprio was sitting on chair that was 100% nature friendly. Wait?! Leonardo Decaprio?! BEEEEP….. sorry for that wait. I just HAD to get that guy’s autograph. So Stanley was about to leave when Mrs. Witcherers appeared behind him. “Zat, is no ordinary toy,” she said “it is quite, exciting.” “Are you going to bestow upon me some ancient words of wisdom bringing me closer to enlightenment?” asked Stanley. “No, I was going to tell you its 5 bucks for zee toy.” “Oh” said Stanley. “Magic bananas!” said Mrs. Witcherers. So, one empty wallet later, Stanley was home. He played with Zombiesmurfikins for a while, left it on the floor and went to bed. That night, the moon was shining brightly. As the hours passed the moon light crept up the floor. It reached the toy this story is about. Then an eerie thing happened. something too cute to be called a monster. “Up, up, Elmo wants up.” Said the upsy daisy toy Elmo. The zombie limped toward him. “Up, Elmo wants up.” DUUN- DUN- DUUN!! “Up, Elmo wants up!” DUUN- DUN- DUUUN!!! Someone screamed! {Still not in this story} DUUN- DUN- DUUUN!!!! Elmo screamed in terror, but there was no one to hear. “Elmo wants, Elmo doesn’t-” The next day, Stanley woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. Only to find the mess that took place last night. Apparently, he thought it was a stray cat that wandered in that was responsible for the attack. So he took the half dead, macabre menace to school with him. That morning he went to his desk in between Bob and Mitch. He was taking out his notebook when Mr. Baldengrumpy, and yes, he is bald and grumpy, said “Mr. Nudelman!” {It’s never good when a teacher calls you mister.} “Take that somewhat dead, macabre stuffy out of your desk!” “Actually, its HALF dead.” replied Stanley. Big mistake. “Don’t play smart with ME, pal!!” sputtered Mr. Baldengrumpy. So he snatched the toy from Stanley and put on his desk. He pulled down a screen. The students shouted “Yay, a movie!” Then it said Boring, Un-Exciting, Stupid Films presents, Our Neighbor, the Moon. “Aaahh, maan.” moaned the students. Did he have to ruin everything by making it so educational? Meanwhile, across the room, an image of the full moon shone onto ZOMBIESMURFIKINS!!! Then, the class nerd Carl walked past it. “Ow! Mr. Baldengrumpy, Stanley’s doll just bit me!”
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